Ladder and Wall

Ladder and Wall #

from the series Panoptic Segmentation
2022, Ceramics, 65 x 45 x15 cm

In Ladder and Wall, I purposefully trigger a fissure as to pierce the Great Firewall, climbing up the ladder by means of a VPN (Virtual Private Network). Moved by the strengthened censorship that, following the COVID-19 breakout, took over all content shared in social media platforms, this is, back in Spring 2020, I found myself creating a folder titled Censorship in my Google Drive account. There, I backed up a series of screenshots I had been taking, in an urge to collect the either censored or soon-to- be censored posts. These screenshots became the raw material I used in sculpting the ceramic ladder I titled Ladder and Wall, during the Spring of 2022. I printed and tore the images into small fragments and used the scraps of paper to mix paper clay. These fragments are not visible in the ladder itself, but they are a substantial structural element in its constitution.

image of ladder
Ladder and Wall, 2022


image of ladder Ladder and Wall, Installation View at QWERTY, Solo Exhibition at Photographic Gallery Hippolyte, Finland, 2023
image credit: Milla Talassalo / Hippolyte